Everything is Even Easier with the MyDIGI App!

I’ve been a loyal DIGI user for about 5 years. I made that switch because I thought their postpaid plan was quite affordable and my friends really sold me on their service. I’ve always been satisfied by their quality of their coverage and service. However, I’ve been introduced to the MyDIGI app recently, and I am even more impressed by this telco company from Malaysia!

Manage your DIGI Account Easier

The MyDIGI app has improved my experience as a user and customer of DIGI. My favourite feature is still the ability to pay bills easily, safely and securely from the app. No longer do I have to go to a DIGI counter or hassle through different pages by payment vendors online. All I have to do is check bill through the app and pay the amount I need to. It’s so easy!

Get Rewards Just By Being a DIGI User 

pay bills check bill DIGI

The app also offers something else. Just for being loyal DIGI customer, you’d get rewards in the form of vouchers, discounts and more from the Box of Surprises feature in the MyDIGI app! Just the other day, I redeemed a coupon to get bubble tea for a fraction of the original price. I thought this was a very nice way to treat your customers for being loyal and supportive. Thanks DIGI!

Travelling Soon? Buy Roaming Passes from MyDIGI App!

Last month, I had to spend a week in Thailand for some work. Since I needed the internet to do some of the work on the go, I had to purchase roaming passes which I was glad to be able to do from the MyDIGI app. This enabled me to easily stay connected, even though I was out of the country and was really busy. 


If you’re a DIGI user who is looking to maximise the user and service experience of your telco provider, you need to download the MyDIGI app into your phone. It’ll make your life so much easier and even reward you for being a loyal customer! Download the app now at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!