Driving Tests: The reasoning behind the long wait

Driving examination waiting times keep growing. The next available driving test at the time of writing this article is December 7th (I’m writing this in July!). If you want to learn about this issue, continue to read this article. With this blog post, I will spell out what has been done and the reason why thewaiting times are poor.

These flaws are affecting everyone but it’s worse in certain areas than others. When the periods proceed over 16 months that they cease taking bookings and you cannot even reserve a test. This is why innovative companies like SpeedyTests who’ve made a computer program to regularly scan for driving test cancellations on the test booking system, which they developed. They are currently selling the test dates onto students who want them sooner.


The DVSA had their funding cut as examiners retired or abandoned the job and once the recession hit. There are now examiners working before. Just like a lot of public services within the United Kingdom.

The population increasing

Increased after the recession stopped the amount of students. You might argue that has been predictable. More people are learning before which consequently means more individuals are currently attempting to book driving tests.

Disagreements with the DVSA / ADIs

The DVSA has been with driving test examiners more than conditions and pay for years however, the problem has gotten even worse.

The DVSA are currently stating examiners have been provided a pay rise by them. The examiners are currently stating they have not had a pay increase, they do not wish to work more hours and also the DVSA should employ examiners. This has resulted striking as well as in examiners working to principle. In turn by sending them without 16, the DVSA has been thought to have excruciating examiners and neither side will back down again.

Learners are caught with tests. Attract attention to the issue and the intention of this would be to cause disruption. Driving instructors are having checks that are inconvenient since invitation only achieved them and therefore are hard to get at the first location.

When will that come to a conclusion? One was cancelled because of strike activity. Thirteen years ago and it is still a issue, while it is not due to exactly the exact same thing.

Fewer Instructors

The amount of teachers that are driving is currently falling which means no more waiting period to begin courses. Again, this is due to funding.

Fewer Driving Test Centres

There are now evaluation locations. A couple of years back in the car park being used by divisions of the stores at a beginning point they agreed to conduct tests.


To fix the issue, it is simple. More driving test centres need to be built, more driving examiners need to be employed. The growth of the population needs to match the growth of the DVSA. Currently, the population is increasing, yet the DVSA is getting smaller and receiving less funding. This is a recipe for disaster.

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