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4 Signs You Need to Call Pest Control

Your home is your shelter and a source of food, and unfortunately for pests like rats, cockroaches and termites, they too can turn your home into theirs. To an untrained eye, it can be difficult to determine the severity of an infestation in your home, which is why some people wait until it’s too late.…

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Be Careful and Avoid These Common Fire Hazards in Your Home!

Be Careful and Avoid These Common Fire Hazards in Your Home! Every year, The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia reports thousands of fire incidents that cause significant damage to homes, establishments as well as injure people dwelling in these buildings. Since fires spread so quickly, it’s important to take precautionary steps like getting home…

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How do you spot efflorescence?

Efflorescences are crystalline deposits of salts that occur when soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete, mortars and other building surfaces. It appears as a white or greyish powdery substance on floors and walls. Low temperatures and moist conditions induce efflorescence. Error in building surface installations such as joint…

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