Best Coworking Spaces Look For In KL & Selangor

Working in a normal office environment is certainly mundane and boring. Nowadays, the popularity of coworking spaces emerged to challenge how you look into working environments. Everybody is favouring the flexibleness and capability of a shared space, especially digital nomads, for example, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Unlike working from your home, coworking spaces hook you up will like-minded people all of which will increase productivity. In Malaysia, countless coworking spaces are making their presence known, people are joining in the trend.

Top Coworking Spaces in Malaysia for Solo Entrepreneurs

There are lots of coworking space around the Klang Valley area now due to the rate of digital nomads and freelancing over the years. Co-working space means a shared workplace which is usually occupied by individuals from different identities of the organization under the same roof. It is always as common as sharing a huge table that has a fellow freelancer or having your own private desk.

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is a coworking environment established by a group of people who believe a remarkable working space plays an important role in a person’s career. Their purpose is generally to raise the standard of what a working setting really needs to be an increase in the quality of working life. Apart from the main office in KL, Colony wants to open another branch around the New Golden Triangle along with locations in coming years.

Being a coworking space, Colony targets on to become a one-stop coworking space for their customers. A virtual office that represents a whole new dynamic culture to endorse a work and life balance as a part to boost people’s productivity. Colony features a number of amenities to elevate productivity rate for example gym, a nap area, a cafe, and a massage room. Moreover, Colony is not merely providing working stations, but also a luxurious event space to rent.

Common Ground Malaysia

You can also consider Common Ground Malaysia that has been also in Kuala Lumpur. The idea behind this business is to meet up with those that have common goals. When you surround yourself with others, discover more skills as well as more possibilities occurs. Common Ground is going to be opening more offices locally and in foreign lands as well.

Common Ground Malaysia

Common Ground, the ever-expanding hub, offers various services in the establishment accessibility through their very own CG App to align together with their goal for connecting between communities by developing it simpler for customers to connect through the said application. Other services in the coworking space, such as complimentary refreshments, and even free training seminars will boost both efficiency and personal development. Let yourself have a different virtual office environment in Common Ground.


Another coworking space you could head to is WORQ, located in Damansara, the location where the environment is created to enhance your effectiveness. They are proud of being a productive coworking community and has won 2017’s Best Coworking Space award.

Customer priority is focused at its utmost importance in Worq.Space. They offer services such as event space, fully furnished offices, hot desks, permanent desks, pantry services to have a free flow of food, discounts, and more benefits.

Does the concept of working within a coworking space sound interesting for you? Should you decide to make a switch to your working style, visit and others read more about working in a shared environment.