Look forward to these new cars in Malaysia 2019

With the arrival of the new year, Malaysian drivers can expect to see new cars in Malaysia. Mitsubishi, Perodua and BMW, are some of the car brands that will release new models.

Here’s the list of new cars you can expect to see in Malaysia this year:

Mitsubishi Triton

By the first quarter of 2019, Mitsubishi will launch five variants of the Triton. These new models feature Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield new design on Triton’s fascia with fog lamps with indicators tucked into the corner and slim headlights flanking the grille. A 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel with variable valve timing powers the vehicle and the Variable Geometry Turbo produces 181ps and 430 Nm of torque.

cars in malaysia mitsubishi motors

Perodua SUV

Everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating Perodua’s new sports utility vehicle (SUV) that is said to be based on the latest Toyota Rush. If that is true, the new Perodua SUV will be able to achieve up to 15.6 kilometres per litre. Malaysians also can expect to see Perodua’s signature interior features such as the bag hooks.


The new X5 model is the fourth generation of the BMW X series. It’s larger than its predecessor and has a host of chassis systems that enhance the car’s versatility, comfort levels and dynamic ability. Some other new features include cooled or heated cupholders and the Panorama glass roof.

Honda HR-V RS

There are no changes to the car’s engine, but this new model has a new look. It has a sportier front grille design, dark chrome outer handle, and a mesh fog garnish. Honda also mounted a camera system on the passenger side mirror called the Honda LaneWatch to reduce blind spots.


Car enthusiasts can expect to see more new and better cars hit the market as the year goes by. In the meantime, visit http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my/ if you’re interested in getting a SUV.

Things you should do in Desaru

The Landmarks to Visit in Desaru

Where to Stay?

Would like to have a family holiday in Malaysia but don’t know which place to go? Check out Desaru Johor Bahru that’s suitable for family trip. Check out this article to find out why Desaru is the greatest place for family holiday. From Desaru interesting attractions to Desaru resort to Desaru hotel, additionally, the famous food in Desaru, we’ve all of this here.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, popular for a family-friendly resort, offer luxurious rooms and suites that will provide a more comfortable stay. They feature many amenities and entertainment for instance spa and pool party. Additionally, you will get the best dining experience as their diverse restaurants have just the thing you need.


Hotel Desaru Penawar, one of the famous hotel in Desaru that is nearby to Desaru Beach. The hotel has a strategic location that can reach some restaurants and markets by walking distance. They provides parking spaces, room cleaning service, and free wifi for the convenience of the visitors. Also, the space is neat and the surroundings here is good.

Another great places pay a visit to in Desaru is The ELS Club Desaru Coast, the best place the game of golf. The Ocean Course is made up of 27-holes created by 4-time Major Champion, Ernie Els while The Valley Course covers 18-holes in 41 hectares with 187 bunkers. For the golf lovers here, you will have great time here.

Desaru Ostrich Farm has over 100 of ostriches. The visitors are able to be close and play with the ostriches. Ostrich’s caretaker is going to sharing everything regarding the ostriches for you. Furthermore, you’ll find so many crafts selling inside the farm. You may purchase it as a souvenirs for your friend and family!

After visit Desaru Ostrich Farm, visit to Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which has exceed 1000 crocodiles. Similar to the ostrich farm, you can definitely get the chance to get close with the crocodiles (under the supervising of the caretaker). Also, the caretaker will share all the fun things about crocodiles to everyone.

A Great Place for Foodies

Seafood is regarded as the famous food in Desaru. With lots of seafood restaurant there, choose on which to choose is truly difficult. Don’t worry! Just select Jade Garden Seafood Corner. The restaurant is Around 30 minutes away from Desaru Beach. All of their seafood are fresh and delicious, also, with affordable price.

Another famous seafood restaurant in Desaru is Sengat Seafood Restaurant. It is nearby Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, so that you can pay a visit here after your visit there. Muslim can also enjoy seafood here since their food are Muslim-friendly. Their salted egg crab is really good and the charges are reasonable. Absolutely good value!

Desaru is really a suitable place for weekend getaway. This area is especially suitable for family vacation where all of the family can enjoy and have fun together. In case you’re thinking to have a family holiday, do visit to Desaru, stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, that’s more comfortable specifically for the elderly. Visit the website to understand more https://www.hardrockhotels.com/desaru-coast If you’re planning to get a trip, do consider Desaru.

How do you spot efflorescence?

Efflorescences are crystalline deposits of salts that occur when soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete, mortars and other building surfaces. It appears as a white or greyish powdery substance on floors and walls.

Low temperatures and moist conditions induce efflorescence. Error in building surface installations such as joint material failure and improper ground storage may also cause efflorescence.

The cause of efflorescence may be slightly different on various building materials. How? Continue reading to find out:


All kinds of cement are susceptible to efflorescence, but according to the Brick Industry Association (BIA), Portland cement contributes most to it in mortar and grout. Its high alkali content makes it more likely to efflorescence than other types of cement.


While they are not water-soluble, you can contaminate sand with materials that contribute to efflorescence. Make sure the sand in mortar and grout are clean and free from contamination to reduce the chance of efflorescence.

efflorescence lafarge prosolutions


This type of building material may absorb soluble salts as it is porous. You can find out if there’s efflorescence in brick by immersing it in distilled water for seven days. White powdery substances will appear on the block if compared to a normal one.


The clay in building bricks and face bricks contain highly soluble salts, which may react to calcium sulfate that causes efflorescence.  Efflorescence caused by sulfates and hydroxides is more soluble than calcium, which makes them form more faster.


This building material has been known to improve the bond between brick and mortar. Lime also increases the water resistance of masonry materials. However, they are also soluble to water and can react with unbuffered hydrochloric acid to produce efflorescence.


It’s better to be cautious with admixtures as its bond and strength may increase the potential of efflorescences. You may want to avoid this solution if you’re unsure about admixture.


The best time to remove efflorescence is before it combines with carbon dioxide. You can rinse the efflorescences away by pressure washing or wet scrubbing them away. However, you must make sure there is no residue left on the building material, or new ones will appear.

Get professional help for removing efflorescence by visiting https://lafargeprosolutions.com/individuals/problems-solutions/efflorescence/.

Fashionable reserved offices independent business teams can take a crack at

Doing work in a normal office environment could be mundane and boring. In recent times, the craze of coworking spaces emerged to challenge how you take a look at working environments. Many favouring the flexibility and ease of a shared space, especially digital nomads specifically entrepreneurs and freelancers. Unlike working at home, coworking spaces connect you will like-minded people and will improve productivity. In Malaysia, a number of coworking spaces are making their presence known, and people are joining in the trend.

working redefined: coworking spaces in KL

You won’t have to any look further for a coworking environment. There are several coworking space in Malaysia and around the Klang Valley area. These shared offices are ideal for start-up companies or small business entrepreneurs that like to save money or wish for a much better work-life balance.

Colony KLCC

Strategically located within the centre of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is among the several coworking spaces you will hardly miss. In relation to their slogan “Get a Life at Work” Colony aims to improve an old-school working culture to become more dynamic and flexible by allowing people to enjoy work and lifestyle balance.

Colony truly a coworking space that echoes a similar ambience of any office. However, unlike an office, it is run on a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas like a coworking desk space along with a personalized space for your personal company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential, hence you may relieve your stress in our own Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even provide you with a nap room and massage room for days where working isn’t an option. On top of that, they have an event rental space.

Common Ground

Coworking space Malaysia | Common Ground

You too can consider Common Ground that is also in Kuala Lumpur. The vision behind this company is to get connected to individuals with common goals. Whenever you surround yourself with others, uncover more skills and a lot more chances occurs. Common Ground will be starting up more offices locally and in foreign lands at the same time.

The facilities in all Common Ground packages comprise high-speed internet, free of charge snacks, electricity and water, members forum, partnership benefits, daily cleaning services, and business-class printers. Features including lockable drawers, business address and mail handling are available for private offices and fixed desks. Accounting and tax services, graphic design, and courier services are among the support services you will find in Common Ground. You should also get in touch with other members utilizing CG app.


There is the next coworking space in the Klang Valley area called Worq. Space. Based in TTDI Damansara, this single-story, one-stop office space aims to churn out customers’ maximum productivity as well as connecting these people with 1 another.

Worq. Space has everything that any customer ever wanted. Whether it is their choice of hotdesk, shared, or private office that any customer chooses, a variety of services may still be enjoyed across the office. Cosy spots, bottomless food, and gym are to name the few, wide selection lot more benefits that Worq. Space offers to keep a smile on the customer’s face.

Does the very idea of working at a coworking space sound interesting to you personally? Should you decide to make a move to your working style, visit commonground.work and others site to read more about working in a shared environment.

What You Need To Know About Abbott Nutrition

Seeing as there are now way too many options of nutrition formula in the market, selecting the most appropriate product for the appropriate individual that consumes it is necessary. Even though most effective way to avoid confusion is as simple as consulting health practitioner, we would like to mention some useful information regarding nutritional products by Abbott Nutrition for you, and who is able to reap the benefits of every one of them.

A Review Of Abbott Nutrition’s Newborn Nutrition Products


As it is often pretty common today for parents to have trouble being sure that their children get adequate quantity of daily nutrients, Pediasure may serve as the right supplement to make up with the insufficient dosage. Getting the kids the correct amount of daily nutrition required is important to help them prevent diseases.

Pediasure contains most of the nutrients required to ensure steady growth. This formula milk contains biotin, Vitamin A & B12, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, together with other nutrients that each one serves the particular purpose that contributes to the same objective, that’s optimum mental and physical growth.


Similac formula is generated to help with the kid’s brain. The combination of lutein, ARA, vitamin E, Taurine, DHA, Iron, Iodine, choline and a lot more enables the brain to absorb and process information quicker. Suitable for kids from One to ten years old, who happen to be in a major development stage within their lives.

On top of that, Abbott Nutrition also has another kind of Similac product which is made for mothers, Similac Mom, a healthy pregnancy food. With 23 minerals and vitamins, the product may help to provide nutrients to a mother while carrying a child and lactation period. This will be significant in making certain the mom can provide sufficient nutrient to fetus while in the womb and then the infant during breasfeeding.

pregnancy food


First taken up the marketplace in 1973 with the sole objecive of helping adults have a complete and balanced nutrition since that time. It has built it’s position as being the doctor’s number one liquid nutritional product for patients that happen to be facing nutritional deficiencies. In the last 4 decades, the science behind the item includes selenium, vitamin B12 and A, chromium and niacin and much more.

For a separate note, it’s very helpful to note that Ensure ought not to be fed to children. This is definitely simply because the proportion of nutritional supplements in this milk formulation is made for adults. Then again, Ensure is the appropriate product for tube feeding for those striving consuming solid food.


To summarize, Abbott Nutrition is a manufacturer that gives all of the nutritional capabilities that is required which will help develop babies, adults and children with regards to their both mental and physical growth. Pediasure aims to meet up with any nutritional gaps for little ones aged between 1-10 who happen to be generally fussy with their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to improve a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure is targeted on the older audience to individuals who seem to be struggling with nutrition deficiency. For having a comprehensive nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition. Find out more at https://abbottnutrition.com.my/